How to Define Target Audience Effectively and Achieve Success

If you are a businessman, it’s obvious that you want to broaden your reach and taste success. But, that doesn’t mean that you dive into sending advertisements to each and…

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Cookie based marketing vs people based marketing

The New Face of Advertising Industry- People Based Marketing

The advertising world is seeing a wave of disruption over the past few years led by changes in the marketing approach. The new norm is “the age of the customer,”….

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Data Onboarding Work

How Does Data Onboarding Work?

Data Onboarding enables the Brands to bring their offline audiences online with 100% safety ensurance…

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Single customer view_250X250

Here’s How Single Customer View Can Enhance Your Business Strategies

Customers today are more tech-savvy, and more demanding. And with increasing digital influence a consumer’s purchasing decision, customers are not only confined to in-store shopping, but also on the web….

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Cookie Based Advertising_250X250

Cookie Based Advertising is So Famous, But Why?

Suppose a restaurant has an excellent a-la carte menu. Diners come to the restaurant, and the waiter recognizes them and remembers the choice of dishes they order usually. Every individual…

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