How MadTech Connects the Dots between MarTech & AdTech?

Around 35% of firms today have acted on converging martech/ adtech. The majority of firms today are in the planning stage for the MadTech revolution, while only 7% didn’t plan for MadTech yet. (source: martech advisor).

This says aloud that MadTech is not just a fancy term coined to overcrowd the MarTech and AdTech stacks. It surely is far from it.

Lets see how.

MadTech & AdTech

What Is MadTech?


MadTech is the convergence or intersection of Marketing and Advertising Technology intertwining themselves with data in the dynamic culture of people based marketing.

How Has the Term MadTech Evolved?


Coined by David M. Raab in 2015, it stands for marketing, advertising, and technology. The convergence of Martech & Adtech isn’t a myth, but a reality:

Why MadTech Plays an Important Role?


What Are the Components of MadTech?


What Are the Benefits Of MadTech?


What Could be the MadTech TipsFor You?


  • 1 MadTech is a world between MarTech and AdTech.
  • 2 Ask yourself if your marketing technology is relevant to your requirements?
  • 3 Do you run digital advertising?
  • 4 Introspect on how to connect the dots to ensure that you meet your goals.
  • 5Stay informed.



AdTech and MarTech co-exist at the opposite end of a sales funnel. MadTech is what connects the dots between the two.

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