The Need Of Identity Resolution in Customer-centric Market

Identity Resolutions

Let me present to you a scenario that led to the rise of the concept of identity resolution.

A customer comes to your store enquiring about a laptop, and simultaneously, he is also searching for best-priced laptops at other websites over his phone.

It turns out that previously he had compared prices offered by other retailers in his desktop at the office.

As a marketer, your first aim would be to narrow down on this customer.

But, here, it is difficult to capture his online behaviour because this same customer has so many identities across the web.

Now, if you are not familiar with his multiple interactions across devices and platforms, you are sure to be losing out on him.

Considering this issue, marketers realized the need to solve this puzzle of resolving the identity of customers.

Enter Identity resolution. 

What is customer identity resolution?

Customer Identity Resolution is a process of recognizing a single customer and developing a prototype of his actions.

The purpose is to make sure that brands get a 360-degree omnichannel view of the customer journey.

Because to survive in this cutthroat competitive marketplace, having total visibility of customers is a must.

All information about them is stored in distributed systems, and there is no mapping to see how they are shifting from one platform to another.

Identity resolution will connect and unify all the separate identities of a customer from different data touchpoints and link them to a single person. 

Each individual will have a single profile so that you have a centralized source of information about the person.

With this, you can track where did the customer or a visitor come to your website from, mobile, tablet, laptop and analyse his actions for triggering personalised messages based on his behaviour.

This process is the background principle of people-based marketing, which focuses on providing customers with a cohesive experience by tracking them across the broad spectrum of devices they use.

How to carry out identity resolution?

Smart marketers are using “identity graphs” that integrate into them data gathered from demographic, behavioural, financial, sources. 

The data is gathered from both online and offline touch-points.

Like CRM data, transactions data, social media data, surveys, email ids, public records, and device ID.

All you need to do is integrate your website with all primary digital and web analytics solutions like Google Analytics, for a more in-depth identity resolution analysis and insights.

Once this is set up, whenever a visitor comes to your website, if the visitor is anonymous, the identity resolution platform checks the Data Network to see if the visitor is found.

If the visitor is found in the Data Network, the platform searches your CRM to see if that visitor is in their records.

If there’s a match, that means this is a previously-unknown visitor, and you should join the data together for personalization.

How does resolving the identity of customers create a difference?

Although it sounds simple, achieving it is challenging due to the fragmented behaviour of consumers today.

It is the future of personalized marketing.

The advantages are infinite; let’s have a look at a few of them.

Plus point for both customer and company

ID resolution is good for the company as they can pinpoint the exact person who’s interested in their products.

And with streamlined campaigns, customers will not feel the burden of irrelevant advertisements.

Storing data becomes manageable

In this era of personalized computing, a customer leaves a lot of scattered data about himself whenever he interacts with a system.

Thus, gathering all these data separately is a tough job on the part of the marketers.

However, when marketers adopted the concept of identity management, then it became more comfortable for them to store all the data in one place.

A single view of customers can be made

Identity resolution is synonymous to having a single customer view.

For this reason, communication among the company and business improves, enabling better customization of customer profiles.

Customer loyalty deepens 

With identity resolution, you have a higher edge over your competitors.

Reaching out to customers on a more personal and human level is vastly more efficient as it creates a long-lasting bond.

You can deliver seamless relevant experiences that will drive the engagement level.    

When customers feel like their perspectives and needs are taken care of, they are likely to be more loyal towards the brand.

In turn, doubling the customer lifetime value.

Hyper-personalization is possible

Customers are prone to multi-stage customer journeys and expect real-time responsiveness from brands throughout.

Identity management is the key to delivering hyper-personalized customer engagements, that comply with the needs of customers.

Improves deliverability

Identity resolution is a growth propeller for brands, as it helps position their products in a better fashion.

Having an understandability of the customers helps you in aligning your products and services in their way. 

For example, you get to know that a particular customer is more frequent surfing on mobile, so send him push notifications or discount offers on his phone.

Further, you can decide on how you can improve your offerings or see what features you can add to serve your customers better.

Scales up ROI

The information gathered will allow you to target the desired customer with more appropriate strategies accurately.

Moreover, ID graph decreases the chances of overlapping and duplication.

Hence time required to approach the defined customers will be less.

Ultimately, reducing associated costs, with better sales targeting; increasing your return on investment.


Considering the state of marketing today, identifying customers, wherever they are active, is becoming an essential fundament for customer-centric marketing.

With business demands changing more quickly than ever, you need to stay updated with its requirements.

ID resolution holds the potential to turn any brand into a runaway success.

It aids in unlocking new insights, bringing campaigns to life and making audience engagement better.

More and more organizations today are experiencing the benefits of having holistic profiles to resolve the identity of customers.  

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