Digitalkites Signs up Saurabh Singh as the Data Protection Officer

DigitalKites, an open and collaborative advertising platform that focuses on offering identity resolution and user management, ropes in Saurabh Singh to take on the key role of Data Protection Officer at the company.

Saurabh’s primary goal will be to ensure that privacy by design is continuously ingrained into various business processes, people related practices, and technology solutions and ensuring Digitalkites’ sustained compliance to Data Privacy regulations across the globe.

He will handle the responsibility of ensuring that all information systems and procedures protect the data of clients and employees. A large part of his time will also be spent in bringing awareness in the ecosystem around the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of data protection.

Saurabh said, “One of the crucial aspects of privacy is about giving choice or information to data owners and data subjects about how their information is processed, used, disclosed, accessible, protected, etc. I am exhilarated & thrilled to start my new journey at digitalkites as a Data Protection Officer. An intriguing technology behind the product, the thirst among the customers, true commitment of the management towards privacy and security, have deeply stirred me and inspired me to join this adventure once and for all.”

Earlier, Saurabh worked with HCL Technologies as a Risk & Compliance manager and has a decade long experience in multiple areas of Information technology, which also includes emerging technology practices.

He comes with vast experience in successfully managing Risk and Compliance, Data Privacy – GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), PCI DSS Compliance, HIPPA/HITECH and Gramm Leach Bliley Act.

Dinesh Ganti, CEO at DigitalKites, said that he is more than just glad to have Mr Singh onboard. He also added that “Saurabh brings an exciting combination of technical and legal knowledge w.r.t data protection and privacy to the table. As an organization, we are committed to Privacy by Design, and we want to play an active role in spreading awareness around Security & Privacy in the ecosystem as well. Saurabh’s expertise will ensure that we are continuously evolving and contributing in this area.”

About DigitalKites

At DigitalKites, we wish to call ourselves the ‘Technogreeks of the MadTech world’. Our unending enthusiasm in new trends helps us bring out the best in the industry. Being a new-age open ecosystem, DigitalKites is one of its kind platform for audience-centric marketing. And, not to forget the privacy-safe ecosystem for brands, publishers and end-users. We at DigitalKites, are a dynamic bunch of people who love to excel and create some top-notch adtech and martech features. And, we are always open to challenges and strive to make win-win for our clients.

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