DigitalKites – Democratic and Collaborative Digital Advertising is Here Now

DigitalKites announced their foray into the digital advertising ecosystem with the release of their two flagship products, AudiencePrime & AudiencePlay for brands and publishers respectively. Both the products are free and are built as open collaborative platforms where customers can explore various capabilities with no barriers to entry or exit

Audienceplay is an audience management suite for apps and website owners that allows publishers to unify data from their offline and online user touch points, segment, enrich and privately share their audiences with brands

Audienceprime is a targeting platform that enables brands and agencies to onboard their CRM or first party data and leverage it along with niche audience segments from renowned publishers to deploy campaigns across multiple channels such as programmatic, social, email etc.

The products are powered by DigitalKites’ user resolution technology that identifies users across offline and online identifiers such as email, cookies, advertising ids, mobile numbers etc. thus allows brands and publishers to communicate with their users across devices and channels

Dinesh Ganti, CEO DigitalKites said, “When we started working on DigitalKites, we looked at the key stakeholders of the digital advertising ecosystem and how we can unlock serious value for their businesses by addressing some of the roadblocks they face today”.

“For instance, brands are not able to leverage their own first party CRM data outside of the walled gardens of Google and Facebook at scale. While a lot of technology solutions exist, they do not work in India due to the lack of an open identity resolution. On the other hand, publishers understand that in order to stay relevant in the new media plans, it is extremely important to advance their relationships with brands and agencies beyond just inventory and thus offer audience targeting. However very few publishers are able to explore this huge opportunity due to lack of a comprehensive and affordable solution that allows them to offer audiences at scale to brands across all channels.

We are building India’s largest user resolution solution and combining this technology with the DigitalKites stack of products thus enabling brands and publishers to work together across all marketing channels for the first time. Our vision is to democratize digital advertising and make it secure and easy for brands and publishers to collaborate with each other seamlessly without having to worry about complexities such as user identity resolution or invest in any additional technical integrations” said Mr Ganti.

“We have been speaking to very large publisher conglomerates and would be making some large partnership announcements very soon. For the first time, AudiencePlay has offered a technology solution that addresses publisher concerns such as audience sharing over cloud, data to not leave Indian geography and so on. Furthermore, they can seamlessly link their AudiencePlay and AudiencePrime accounts thus allowing them to launch their own private audience network and compete with the walled gardens” added Raghu KLN, COO DigitalKites.

DigitalKites has soft-launched their products with few of the top tier publishers and agencies over the last couple of months, and they are thrilled with the response. Their free product approach is additionally encouraging a lot of startups and digital first brands, boutique agencies and publishers to join the audience ecosystem thus truly expanding the digital advertising pie after a long time.

About DigitalKites

DigitalKites is on a mission to disrupt the digital advertising industry with its unique re-engineered product based approach. The company has offices in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi and has fifty employees working on various products and initiatives. The company is backed by Way2Online Interactive India Pvt. Ltd

Founder profiles

Dinesh Ganti is a hands on product expert and technologist with a decade of rich and profound experience in the digital advertising space. His previous stints with product driven companies like Lotame and Vserv empowered him with in depth understand of marketing and advertising stacks and the practical nuances of digital advertising in geographies like India and APAC

Raghu wore multiple hats in his illustrious career and his last stint involved leading the marketing & partnerships divisions for products at Way2Online. He is an out and out executioner with rich experience in handling advertising revenues for several websites and apps. This diverse experience makes him a one of the handful of people who understand the world of brands, agencies and publishers equally well.

About DigitalKites

At DigitalKites, we wish to call ourselves the ‘Technogreeks of the MadTech world’. Our unending enthusiasm in new trends helps us bring out the best in the industry. Being a new-age open ecosystem, DigitalKites is one of its kind platform for audience-centric marketing. And, not to forget the privacy-safe ecosystem for brands, publishers and end-users. We at DigitalKites, are a dynamic bunch of people who love to excel and create some top-notch adtech and martech features. And, we are always open to challenges and strive to make win-win for our clients.

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