DigitalKites partners with Lifesight to bring location intelligence & offline store attribution capabilities to its clients

Hyderabad, 2020: DigitalKites, an identity resolution company with products AudiencePlay & AudiencePrime, joins hands with Lifesight, a trusted real-world intelligence company, to power its platforms play and prime to bring location intelligence and offline store attribution capabilities.  A new age open ecosystem, digitalkites is known for enabling brands, publishers, and end-users to drive towards ideal … Read more

Digitalkites Signs up Saurabh Singh as the Data Protection Officer

DigitalKites, an open and collaborative advertising platform that focuses on offering identity resolution and user management, ropes in Saurabh Singh to take on the key role of Data Protection Officer at the company. Saurabh’s primary goal will be to ensure that privacy by design is continuously ingrained into various business processes, people related practices, and … Read more

Amit Lall, Now to Steer Partnerships at DigitalKites as Sr. Vice President.

DigitalKites, an open and collaborative digital advertising ecosystem with products AudiencePlay and AudiencePrime, has roped in Amit Lall as Sr. Vice President partnerships. In his new role at DigitalKites, Amit will be leading the AudiencePrime partnerships team. With around two decades of experience, Mr. Lall is an industry veteran whose strength lies in developing & … Read more

DigitalKites – Democratic and Collaborative Digital Advertising is Here Now

DigitalKites announced their foray into the digital advertising ecosystem with the release of their two flagship products, AudiencePrime & AudiencePlay for brands and publishers respectively. Both the products are free and are built as open collaborative platforms where customers can explore various capabilities with no barriers to entry or exit Audienceplay is an audience management … Read more