What Is Data Lake Architecture and Here Is Why You Need It!

Data lake

As per Google, the interest in big data has been high for quite a long time and data lake has genuinely acquired buzz in the MadTech space recently. Moreover, up to 90 percent of that data is unstructured or semi-structured, which is currently a massive challenge. So you need to figure out how to store … Read more

Audience Monetization: New Scope to Generate Revenue from Audience Data

Are you excited to grab an opportunity offered by an idea of  Audience monetization?  But don’t know where to start? Nothing to worry! Here all you need is your audience data. With this, you can go ahead with monetizing your traffic  irrespective of your business size. Top brands are already practicing it, and it became … Read more

10 Important Steps to Define Target Audience Effectively

When planning to build a business, the picture of your target audience is almost clear in your head. Perhaps, it’s someone like you and me. Imagine what if you have still not attained your most lucrative target customer that would give you maximum hits you dreamt of? But how do you get there? That is … Read more

The Need Of Identity Resolution in Customer-Centric Market

“69% of searchers will use their phone to help them decide on an in-store purchase”, as per Omnicore (source 1). Well, the fact that customers are using multiple channels/devices to make a purchase has, in a way led to the evolution of MadTech space. Hence, brands need a robust strategy to reach customers who are … Read more

How to Define Target Audience Effectively and Achieve Success

If you are a businessman, it’s obvious that you want to improve the reach of your target audience and taste success. But, that doesn’t mean that you dive into sending advertisements to each and everybody. Simple, because it is impossible to reach all the people out there at once. Your hard earned money and time … Read more