Target Audience Effectively

10 Important Steps to Define Target Audience Effectively

When planning to build a business, the picture of your target audience is almost clear in your head. Perhaps, it’s someone like you and me. Imagine what if you have…

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Identity Resolution_250X250

The Need Of Identity Resolution in Customer-centric Market

Let me present to you a scenario that led to the rise of the concept of identity resolution. A customer comes to your store enquiring about a laptop, and simultaneously,…

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First Party, Second Party And Third Party Data_250X250

Things To Know About First Party, Second Party And Third Party Data

As a marketer, you will agree that when you dig deeper into data, it reveals multiple layers of information. The key is to make the most of your marketing efforts…

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How to Define Target Audience Effectively and Achieve Success

If you are a businessman, it’s obvious that you want to broaden your reach and taste success. But, that doesn’t mean that you dive into sending advertisements to each and…

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Cookie based marketing vs people based marketing

The New Face of Advertising Industry- People Based Marketing

The advertising world is seeing a wave of disruption over the past few years led by changes in the marketing approach. The new norm is “the age of the customer,”….

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