What Is Data Lake Architecture and Here Is Why You Need It!

Data lake

As per Google, the interest in big data has been high for quite a long time and data lake has genuinely acquired buzz in the MadTech space recently. Moreover, up to 90 percent of that data is unstructured or semi-structured, which is currently a massive challenge. So you need to figure out how to store … Read more

7 Data Protection Principles You Need To Follow

“Internet users generate about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day”, as per TechJury (Source 1). And, this customer information is most valuable as it ultimately leads to audience monetization. Hence, as a data-driven business, it’s your responsibility to adhere to the data protection principles provided by GDPR. Since most businesses are looking forward to … Read more

As Cookies Are Ending, Is Cookieless the New Future?

If the web is a boundless complicated instrument driven by billions of cogs, then cookies are the lubricant that keeps the wheels moving. Moreover, the web is now undergoing a cusp of a revolution, and it’s all about going cookieless. Google announces to go cookieless with the chrome browser by 2022. It’s not just Chrome … Read more

DigitalKites partners with Lifesight to bring location intelligence & offline store attribution capabilities to its clients

Hyderabad, 2020: DigitalKites, an identity resolution company with products AudiencePlay & AudiencePrime, joins hands with Lifesight, a trusted real-world intelligence company, to power its platforms play and prime to bring location intelligence and offline store attribution capabilities.  A new age open ecosystem, digitalkites is known for enabling brands, publishers, and end-users to drive towards ideal … Read more

Digitalkites Signs up Saurabh Singh as the Data Protection Officer

DigitalKites, an open and collaborative advertising platform that focuses on offering identity resolution and user management, ropes in Saurabh Singh to take on the key role of Data Protection Officer at the company. Saurabh’s primary goal will be to ensure that privacy by design is continuously ingrained into various business processes, people related practices, and … Read more