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We have unlocked the ability to reach your offline consumers in online environment through CRM Onboarding.

Also, you can now target your most relevant segments across the internet by purchasing them from Audience exchange.

What you achieve with Audienceprime


Achieve single view by bringing in your consumers from offline as well as online touch points at one place.


Purchase your most relevant & ready-to target audience segments from across online environment.


Combine your audience segments instantly to build your most personalized advanced segments.


Perform omni-channel marketing by targeting your desired segments across multiple devices, channels & platforms with most personalized message.

What our clients have to say

If we had to choose one word to describe our partnership, it would be ‘transparency’. Audienceplay is great for a publisher of our size with everyday massive traffic, while we are able to distribute & monetize our huge audience assets seamlessly.

Kumar, CMO,
Online food delivery application

Audienceplay has aided us in monetizing our audience assets, maximizing our revenue to almost 3 times. We are able to streamline a number of processes at ease. With great performance and excellent support, Audienceplay is highly recommended.

Pankaj, Marketing head,
Interactive online travel forum

Make your customer-journey more meaningful with Audienceprime