Bring your offline
customer data online

Find who and where your offline customer is in the online environment by data-onboarding

Key Benefits

Just a taste of what you achieve from Data-onboarding

Close the gap of your marketing funnel by combining your consumer's offline and online journey

Understand your customer's ever changing demands & behavioral differences in both online and offline environments

Retarget your offline consumers online through the right marketing mix and optimized strategies

Leverage ultra-personalized communication with your consumers by knowing their path in offline and online environments

Establish phenomenal relationship with your consumers by nurturing them through multiple touch points at online and offline environments

Make things done without worrying about your consumer privacy

What we do

Linking the online and offline identifiers of consumers.

Offline Brands

Offline consumer Identifiers

Offline Identifiers Matching

Data Onboarding Platform

Linked Offline + Online
Identifiers of consumers

Activation Platforms

Online consumer Identifiers

Online Identifiers Matching

How it works

Data-onboarding happens while your consumer privacy is secured.



Anonymize your consumer's PII data through hashing or encryption process, tagging each customer by universal digital identifier.



Upload your anonymized offline customer data into Digitalkites.



Your consumer digital Ids are matched to their respective consumer profiles with their online identifiers in highly secured environment.



You can activate your customers' online identifiers across wide range of platforms based on your use case.

Where you can use it

Your onboarded data can be ingested by multiple types of platforms

Your integrated Demand side platforms (DSP)

Your integrated Data management platforms (DMP)

Data analytical platforms

Across our wide network of Demand side platforms (DSP)

And many more...

Who will benefit from it

Data onboarding drives businesses to explore new dimensions of online marketing


Strengthen your consultative relationships with your offline brands by boosting ROI while leveraging consumer-centric marketing through data-onboarding

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Create meaningful customer experiences while you retarget your offline consumers across multiple devices with the most contextual communication

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Data Providers

Generate alternative revenues from your anonymous user data while being in complete compliance with user privacy and security.

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Connect with your offline consumers wherever
they are in the online ecosystem