An ecosystem for collaborative digital advertising

A democratic , collaborative ecosystem where brands can work directly with publishers at scale.


What are workspaces for you?

A directional solution for agencies and brands to work at will with publishers on inventory and data with ease.

For the first time 'Ever', brands and agencies can work with premium marketleaders for truly user-centrics branding experiences

One destination. Various targeting possibilities

Work deeply with your preferred audience partner at a very high granular level of targeting and premium ad placement, a combination that is not possible through regular demand-side platforms or trading desks

Target deep cuts of a publisher user base across social and programmatic with no additional technical integrations

Switch between any number of workspaces from a single platform and Track all your spending in one place.

No paperwork for each one seperately, No bundle of invoices. Seamless central finance billing and invoicing. Just come, pick and run your campaigns.

Technology that can work on premise on or cloud with full flexibility & Privacy by default architecture

A future proof solution for upcoming hurdle called 'cookieless advertising'

Agencies and brands are being bombarded with too many interfaces. In the last 12 months alone, many new ad platforms have been launched.

No more hopping on to everyone for collaboration now, meet everyone at one party.

In built cross device resolution for a remarkable brand imapact

Fully powered with identity intelligence. Access the world’s largest first party - identity linked marketplace


Be future ready with Digitalkites

Irrespective of what the future holds: Cohort based . PRAM / IAB Tech Lab / Google Chrome


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