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AudiencePrime | digitalkites

Multi-channel marketing and audience marketplace for brands

For app/website owners

AudiencePlay | digitalkites

Free audience management, technology and monetization suite for publishers

What is digitalkites ?

With a strong focus on privacy, digitalkites is a new age marketing & advertising technology company built from the ground-up with re-engineered technology stack across the ecosystem.

Use-cases such as 'targeting offline customers' or 'multi-channel marketing' are currently either too complex or require working with multiple vendors and heavy investments. At digitalkites, we are creating a new age open ecosystem where brands and publishers work with each other seamlessly creating a win-win throughout the value chain.

Our proprietary Match™ technology along with the combination of Prime & Play is allowing brands and publishers to work together across all marketing channels and is focused on closing gaps between them who currently are forced to operate in silos.

New age platforms with absolute and ultimate features

Seamless integration in a snap

  • One-click code generation for instant website integration
  • Easy and all-inclusive documentation for effortless API or SDK deployment
  • Hasslefree & secure method to upload your historical data
Audienceplay Integration Process

One destination. Various monetization possibilities

  • Make your segments ready for monetization by giving them CPM, based on how unique and in-demand your segments are.
  • You can choose to share them with all the advertisers on the marketplace or share with specific partnered brands through private deals.
audience marketplace segment description

One platform. Multiple channel targeting

  • Select the right channel(s) to reach your audiences for higher conversions and returns.
  • Choose from the display, video, social, email and SMS channels based upon your campaign goals.
audienceprime multichannel targeting

One marketplace. Various opportunities.

  • Use readily available niche and little known segments from our audience marketplace
  • Combine two or more segments to create your own target audience
  • Layer your 1st party audiences with marketplace segments for hyper-personalization
  • Activate and deploy campaigns on your preferred media channel(s)
audience martkeplace segments

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